Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

The following are some of the important principles that govern the Collaborative Process:

  • Confidential process
  • Both parties must agree to use the Collaborative Process
  • Each party has separate counsel assisting them through the process
  • Non-adversarial process where all the participants work together to reach a resolution
  • A neutral financial expert can be utilized to reach creative and informed solutions
  • A mental health expert can be involved to facilitate the process
  • If the parties cannot resolve their dispute in the collaborative process, the attorneys are discharged and cannot represent either party in the court process.
  • Requires honesty, open disclosure and financial transparency


Benefits to the Collaborative Process:

  • Offers a confidential, dignified, family-friendly approach
  • Provides child-friendly solutions and fosters healthy co-parenting during and after the process
  • More cost-effective than litigation
  • Expert fees and costs are dramatically reduced
  • Faster process than litigation
  • Ensures that both parties understand their finances
  • Ensures that each client’s financial needs will be met
  • Brings closure that comes with a mutual and fair agreement

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